COHERE 2015 at UVic

On October 23rd, 3 members of the research team presented at the for Collaboration for Online Higher Education and Research (COHERE) Conference 2015 which was held at UVic. The presentation, titled “Changing the Landscape of Support: Online tools for Regulation of Collaboration” elicited some great conversation from the audience and was a chance to showcase what the lab has been up to. Good job to Mariel, Shayla and Becca for putting together everything and presenting!

Research Team Dinner

Team Dinner

On October 1st, the research team went out for a dinner of Asian fusion/ Nepalese cuisine. The team had fun bonding in a setting outside of the research lab, and we are looking forward to doing it again!

Mariel Miller’s Dissertation Oral Examination

Mariel Miller will be defending her dissertation titled:
“Leveraging CSCL Technology for Supporting and Researching Shared Task Perceptions in Socially Shared Regulation of Learning” on Monday, August 17, 2015 at 9am.

Supervisory Committee:

Dr. Allyson Hadwin, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, University of Victoria (Supervisor)

Dr. John Anderson, Department of Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, UVic (Member)

Dr. Sanna Järvelä, University of Oulu (Outside Member)

External Examiner: Dr. Alyssa Wise, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

Chair of Oral Examination: Dr. Margaret-Anne Storey, Department of Computer Science, UVic

Our lab is very excited and wishes Mariel the best of luck on her oral examination! We’re all rooting for you!

EARLI 2015

With just a month until EARLI 2015 in Cyprus, here’s where TIE lab members will be participating!

August 25th

Session A Symposium: Methodological and Analytical Issues in the use of Multi-Modal SRL Data

Challenges in capturing systematic changes in self-regulated learning by Dr. Lindsay McCardle

August 26th

Session D Symposium: Variations in regulation of cognitive, motivational and socioemotional processes in collaboration

Challenges in teamwork: Examining the effects of four different planning scripts by Dr. Allyson Hadwin

August 28th

Session J Symposium: Understanding individual participation to social regulation in collaborative learning

Dr. Allyson Hadwin is the discussant for this symposium.

Session M (Individual Papers): Collaborative and cooperative learning

Comparing the effectiveness of CSCL supports for shared task perceptions in shared regulation by Mariel Miller.


Dr. Hadwin Visits the Learning & Educational Technology Team in Oulu, Finland!

After a trip to Oulu, Finland, Dr. Hadwin returned to the research lab in Victoria with lots of new ideas for research! Her trip was filled with great discussions as well as chances to spend time with the Learning & Educational Technology (LET) Team, which is led by Dr. Sanna Järvelä. Dr. Hadwin had lots of time in the sun thanks to the sun always being out in the summer in Finland!

If you’re interested in learning more about the LET team, check out our page on our Collaborators

Learning About Intensive Repeated Measurement

Jonathan Rush visiting the TIE Lab.
Jonathan Rush visiting the TIE Lab.

Jonathan Rush from the Department of Psychology at the University of Victoria came to give a really interesting and useful talk about intensive repeated measurement designs and analyses. Thanks to Dr. Scott Hofer for lending him to us. Now we have all kinds of ideas for potential collaboration and some new ideas for how to measure aspects of regulation!

The research team listening to Jonathan Rush  present!
The research team listening to Jonathan Rush present!