Hadwin Bio

I am an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology at the University of Victoria and co-director of the  Technology Integration and Evaluation (TIE) research lab. My research focuses on the social aspects of self-regulated learning, as well as the ways technologies can support self, shared-regulation and co-regulation . Our model of self-regulated learning (Winne & Hadwin, 1998) frames much of my work. I use multiple methodologies to explore the dynamic and social nature of regulated learning as it evolves over time and through interaction with others. I supervise a dynamic team of graduate students who constantly challenge me and create wonderful spaces for collaboration.

Hadwin CV Feb 2012)

Contact Information:
Dr. Allyson Hadwin
Associate Professor and TIE co-director
Department of Educational Psychology
University of Victoria
250-721-6347 (local)
250-514-6384 (cell)
hadwintielab (skype)


  1. […] learning (ED-D101) at UVIC.  I first connected with Lindsay earlier this term when I contacted Allyson Hadwin to get some advice on my research into Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) in the Elementary Classroom. […]

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