ED-D 101 Learning Strategies for University Success

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Course Description: Becoming A Self‐Regulated Learner

This is an educational psychology course. Theories of self‐regulated learning focus on monitoring and controlling: academic thinking, behavior, motivation, and emotion. This course teaches the theory and practice of self-regulated learning augmenting conceptual knowledge with guided opportunities to apply SRL to conquer challenges encountered in your university courses.


Instructors draw on diverse professional, personal, academic, and research experiences. We are committed and passionate about supporting and researching undergraduate learning through ED-D101.  We introduce learning technologies and current research about effective and efficient learning for success at university.


ED-D101 is a living research laboratory. You will research yourself to figure out how to improve, regulate, and optimize your learning. You will also be asked to share your learning (data) for research about student learning. By participating in informal and formal research about learning, you will be fulfilling the University of Victoria’s strategic plan and sharing your learning processes and insights with future ED-D101 students, researchers, and university instructors who strive to help students succeed at university.

Graduate students: Look out for the Call for ED-D101 Lab instructor applictions in July of each year. Contact email: edd101@uvic.ca