CSSE 2013 – Adapting in the face of challenge: Regulating learning across tasks and contexts

At this year’s 2013 CSSE confence, we presented a structured poster session on regulating learning in the face of challenge. Our papers in this symposium examined challenges learners encounter and the ways they attempt to adapt or regulate in the face of those challenges across a broad array of task contexts including collaborative learning and sport training. Papers targeted different aspects of SRL including (task perceptions, emotions, goals, and metacognition) and drew from a range of data sources including: self-report, reflective journals, chat records, online logfiles, interview data, and observation data.

Negotiating Task Perceptions During Computer-Supported Collaborative Problem Solving
Mariel Miller & Allyson Hadwin

Regulating Emotions During Computer-Supported Collaborative Problem Solving
Lizz Webster & Allyson Hadwin

Regulating in Sport & Academic Contexts: How Do Student-Athletes Monitor & Evaluate Their Learning?
Lindsay McCardle & Allyson Hadwin


Instructional Techology Series Workshop: Enhancing Learning & Teamwork Skills in Moodle

We recently presented our experiences running an Open Collaborative Challenge in ED-D 101: Learning Strategies for University Success using Moodle’s easily overlooked  potential for real time collaboration using tools such as wikis, chat, feedback activities, and quiz. The goal of the assignment was not only to enhance learning through collaboration, but also help students gain the critical teamwork skills needed by today’s 21st century graduates.