Interested in pursuing an MA or PhD in the area of self-regulated learning?

I will be actively seeking new MA and PhD graduate students for the Fall 2013. My current grant focuses on promoting adaptive regulation for the 21st century (PAR-21). We are examining tools and technologies to help learners be successful when they are working in solo or collaborative learning contexts. Much of our research is conducted in school and university contexts, but we are equally interested in lifelong learning that extends beyond formal school contexts. We are an active and dynamic research team. We collaborate extensively in conducting research, presenting conference papers, and publishing together and with international partners. For information on our programs in Educational Psychology, please consult the EPLS website or contact me to discuss your interests (Allyson Hadwin Having an academic background in psychology is viewed as an asset. Victoria, BC is a beautiful place to live and study.


Now recruiting Lab instructors for ED-D101

We are currently hiring lab instructors for ED-D101: Learning Strategies for Univesity Success course starting Sept 2012. Graduate students are invited to apply. Preference will be given to students currently enrolled in an Educational Psychology or Counselling program in the EPLS department. For more infomation,CLICK HERE