Aishah Bakhtiar Visited Oulu

From Sept 3 to Sept 15th 2017, PhD Candidate Aishah Bakhtiar visited Prof. Hanna Jarvenoja and her team at University of Oulu. This trip was funded by the European Association of Research in Learning and Instructions (EARLI) Mentoring Grant 2017. Aishah was one of six recipients of this award. During her visit, Aishah had the pleasure of presenting her research at a Teacher training conference in Rovaneimi, Lapland, and meeting the real Santa Claus above the Artic Circle. Of course, Oulu LET team shared many exciting new and ongoing projects, and it was great to meet many dedicated and talented researchers there!


Team BBQ at Allyson’s House

(from left to right) Dr. Valerie Irvine, Dr. Allyson Hadwin, and Dr. Sanna Järvelä.
(from left to right) Dr. Valerie Irvine, Dr. Sanna Järvelä, and Dr. Allyson Hadwin.

After a day of research meetings, the team met at Dr. Hadwin’s house for a team bbq. Luckily, the weather in Victoria was perfect! It was a great ending to a busy day.

Dr. Sanna Järvelä Visits the TIE Lab!

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On May 8th, the TIE lab was visited by Dr. Dr. Sanna Järvelä from the University of Oulu in Finland. Our lab spent the first half of the day in a research meeting where we reviewed past and current research, listened to the research Dr. Järvelä has been working on and then began to brainstorm for future projects! The day was very productive for the team and we are excited to see what comes out of our planning!

Lastly, two research team members were not in Victoria, so one came in via a robot, which allowed us to make use of some interesting technology