Aishah Bakhtiar

Aishah Bakhtiar, PhD Candidate


Program: Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies, Learning and Development

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Research interests: Primary areas of research interest include motivation and emotion regulation in the context of both solo and collaborative learning. Related lines of research include developing and evaluating tools for supporting students working in a computer-assisted learning environment, and examining methods for capturing self- and socially- regulated learning.


Bakhtiar, A., Webster, E., & Hadwin, A.F. (2016). Regulation and Socio-Emotional Interactions in a Positive and a Negative Group Climate. Accepted.

Warren, K. L., Bakhtiar, A., Mulrooney, B., Raynor, G., Dodd, E., & Peterson, C. (2015). Adults’ Detection of Deception in Children: Effect of Coaching and Age for Children’s True and Fabricated Reports of Injuries. Behavioral sciences & the law, 33(6), 784-800.

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Thorpe, C.M., Hallett, D., Murphy, M., Fitzpatrick, C.L., & Bakhtiar, A. (2012). Interval time place learning in young children. Behavioural Process, 91, 198- 201.

Selected Conference Presentations

Bakhtiar, A., Hadwin, A.F., Milford, T., & Edwards, R. (2017). Measuring Collaboration Challenges and We-I Dimension using a Collaborative Assessment Tool. Paper presented at the meeting of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. Tampere, Finland.

Starcheski, S., Davis, S.K., Bakhtiar, A., Webster, E., Miller, M., & Hadwin, A.F. (2017). Processes and targets of regulation in online collaborative assessments. Paper presented at the meeting of Canadian Society for the Study of Education. Toronto, Canada.

Bakhtiar, A., Hadwin, A., & Miller, M. (2016). Examining the role of perceptions of self and team motivation on individual knowledge contribution during collaboration. Paper presented at the meeting of EARLI Metacognition Special Interest Group. Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Hadwin, A., Webster, E., Bakhtiar, A., Caird, H. (2015). Challenges in teamwork: Examining the effects of four different planning scripts. Paper presented at the meeting of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction. Limassol, Cyprus.

Bakhtiar, A., Hallett, D., & Fitzpatrick, C.L. (2013, June). Motivational characteristic differences between procedural and conceptual fraction learners. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, 67(4), 276.

Hallett, D., Payne, S., Bakhtiar, A., & Fitzpatrick, C. (2012, June). LeFevre/Robinson Symposium: The varying relations between mathematical ability and working memory. Speech presented at the Canadian Society for Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Sciences. Kingston, ON. Canada.