New Frontiers: Regulating Learning in CSCL (Educational Psychologist) now available online

 New Frontiers: Regulating Learning in CSCL  (Sanna Järvelä & Allyson F. Hadwin) now available online in the Special Issue: Theoretical Underpinnings of Successful Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. Educational Psychologist, Vol. 48, No. 1, 01 Jan 2013.

Abstract: Despite intensive research in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) over the last decade, there is relatively little research about how groups and individuals in groups engage, sustain, support, and productively regulate collaborative processes. This article examines the role of regulatory processes in collaborative learning and how CSCL environments can be used for shared regulation of learning. First, we establish the importance of regulation processes and introduce three types of regulation contributing to successful collaboration: self-, co-, and socially shared regulation of learning. Second, we illuminate two strands of seemingly diverse research that lay an important foundation for supporting and researching regulation in CSCL contexts establishing that (a) computer-based pedagogical tools used to successfully support regulation in individual learning contexts can be leveraged for collaborative task contexts, and (b) computer-based tools for supporting collaborative knowledge construction can be leveraged for supporting regulatory processes. Finally, we draw on emerging research in our own programs of research to demonstrate how regulation can be supported and researched in CSCL environments. The article concludes by charting a course for future CSCL research focused on supporting regulated learning in collaborative task contexts.

Full list of articles included in this special issue:

  • Toward a Framework for CSCL Research – Paul A. Kirschner & Gijsbert Erkens
  • Team Effectiveness and Team Development in CSCL  -Jos Fransen, Armin Weinberger & Paul A. Kirschner
  • New Frontiers: Regulating Learning in CSCL – Sanna Järvelä & Allyson F. Hadwin
  • Coordinated Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Awareness and Awareness Tools –  Jeroen Janssen & Daniel Bodemer
  • Toward a Script Theory of Guidance in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning – Frank Fischer, Ingo Kollar, Karsten Stegmann & Christof Wecker
  • Special Issue on CSCL: Discussion – Jeremy Roschelle

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