TIE Lab goes the 2011 EARLI conference in Exeter, UK

We recently attended the Biannual Meeting for the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction (EARLI) in Exeter, UK (August 27th-September 3rd). We attended many thought-provoking and inspiring sessions, an also had the chance to go sightseeing with some of our Finnish colleagues from the LET Unit at the University of Oulu!

At EARLI, we presented the following papers and poster.

Socially Shared Metacogniton: Convergence & Divergence in CSCL Planning
Hadwin, Miller, & Winne 2011

Exploring patterns of task specific goal setting and motivation regulation
Allyson Hadwin, Elizabeth Webster, Stephanie Helm, Lindsay McCardle, Mariel Miller,

Regulation of Learning in the Context of Collaborative Challenges
Lindsay McCardle, Stephanie Helm, Allyson Hadwin, Kara Shaw, Peter Wild,

At the JURE pre-conference, Lindsay McCardle presented preliminary research on her doctoral work focused on athletes’ regulation of learning in the academic context, and Stephanie Helm presented a poster on the results of her Master’s thesis focused on task understanding in young children.


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