Congratulations to Allyson Hadwin – Recipient of the Faculty of Education Teaching Excellence Award

As her graduate students, it gives us enormous pleasure to announce that Dr. Allyson Hadwin is the 2010-2011 recipient of the Faculty of Education Teaching Excellence Award. Allyson is  a true professor and mentor. The opportunity to work with her was a deciding factor in our respective decisions to pursue graduate studies at the University of Victoria.  Her challenging and engaging coursework, thoughtful and thorough feedback, and sincere concern for students has truly enriched our graduate careers.  In addition, not only does Allyson believe in mentorship, she teaches it, models it, researches many of its important aspects. She involves graduate students in all aspects of her research program and supports us in learning to collaborate as colleagues rather than protégés.

Above all, Allyson has an obvious passion and love for her role as a teacher and mentor that shines through in everything she does. She strives to make our education a fun and rewarding experience for every student – a goal that she consistently exceeds. Overall, we have the highest respect for Allyson and her outstanding dedication to instruction and mentorship of students at the University of Victoria make her truly deserving of this award.

Mariel Miller, Elizabeth Webster, Lindsay McCardle,  & Stephanie Helm


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