Overview of The PAR-IT Grant

On Monday, July 9th, the team spent the afternoon discussing the planned research tasks and activities under the new PAR-IT grant. We translated our research agenda unto a lovely infographic below.

The team is very excited to move forward and continue contribute to theory, research, and practice!

PAR-IT infographic 43 by 19

For more information about the research, feel free to contact our research team.


TIE Lab Outdoor Time

Our lab members had so much fun bringing Marijn out to Gonzales beach this weekend to enjoy the warm Victoria weather and volleyball!


After some fun beach time, the team then head back to Allyson’s house for a BBQ, stuffing ourselves with burgers, summer fruits, and chips! Thanks to Michael (second from left pictured below), Allyson discovered a new favourite — burger with hummus!





Visiting Scholar from the University of Twente

We are pleased to announce that a visiting scholar from the University of Twente, Marijn Wijga, is visiting the TIE lab from July 1 to July 14. Marijn’s visit is sponsored by the European Association for Research in Leaning and Instruction (EARLI) through the EARLI Mentoring Grant.

Foto Marijn

Marijn’s PhD project focuses on the extent to which self- and social regulated learning of team members in organizations enhance team innovation. A longitudinal mixed method design is used to study individual employees and teams while working at innovative products over a period of time to assess how the dynamic interaction between team self- and social regulation in relation to team innovativeness changes over time. Broadly, however, Marijn’s research interest is in understanding how individual and context characteristics influence individuals’ opportunity to realize their potential.

We have a lot activities scheduled for Marijn’s visit. One of them is a presentation by Marijn herself on her research work, scheduled on July 10 from 1.30 to 2.30pm (Location to be announced). Feel free to contact us if you are interested in connecting with Marijn.

Congratulations Shayla and Rebecca!

Congratulations to Shayla Starcheski, M.A. and Rebecca Edwards, M.A. on their convocation day!

We are very proud you and wish you the best!

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 8.49.39 AM

Shayla’s and Rebecca’s Masters thesis addressed one area of collaborative learning. Shayla’s focus was on role selection and assignment in collaboration, and Rebecca’s focus was on mental models of collaboration and engineering design.

Link to Shayla’s thesis: https://dspace.library.uvic.ca/handle/1828/9021

Link to Rebecca’s thesis: https://dspace.library.uvic.ca/handle/1828/9323

Both Shayla and Rebecca currently work in the Technology Integrated Learning (TIL) unit at University of Victoria as a Learning Experience Designer.

Current Approaches to Research on Mental Health and Learning Symposium at Congress 2018 in Regina, SK

CAEP Picture

From left to right: Bianca D’Agostino, Dr. Jess Whitley, Sarah Davis, Dr. Nancy Hutchinson, Priya Sharma, and Dr. Jenn de Lugt (not pictured: Jenn Chan)

On Tuesday, May 29th, at Congress 2018 in Regina, Sarah Davis and Priya Sharma presented the TIE Lab’s work on self-regulated learning and mental health and well-being in a structured poster symposium co-chaired by Dr. Jenn de Lugt (URegina) and Sarah Davis and with discussant Dr. Nancy Hutchinson (Queens – retired). The lively session contained three posters:

  1. School-related anxiety: Voices for Change by Jenn de Lugt and Jenn Chan, University of Regina
  2. A self-regulated learning approach to optimizing mental health around academic challenges by Sarah Davis, Allyson Hadwin, and Priya Sharma, University of Victoria
  3. Exploring research and practice related to teachers’ social-emotional competencies by Jess Whitley and Bianca D’Agostino, University of Ottawa

Dr. Allyson Hadwin awarded SSHRC Insight Grant (PAR-IT)

We are happy to announce that Dr. Hadwin (and Team) are the recipients of SSHRC Insight Grant for $349,330 over 5 years. Her collaborators include Phil Winne (SFU), Sanna Jarvela (Oulu), Hanna Jarvenoja (Oulu), Todd Milford (Uvic), and Mariel Miller (UVic). Congratulations team!

About the Research:

Promoting Adaptive Regulation: Innovative Technologies (PAR-IT) researches how technological tools can leverage learners’ successes during day-to-day studying and teamwork by: (a) prompting timely and strategic reflection on both processes and products, (b) providing personalized analytics in the form of data-based visualizations, and (c) tracking regulatory changes sparked by feedback to adaptively respond to motivational, socio-emotional, conceptual, and behavioral challenges as they arise over an academic semester.

Beyond advancing theory and research, PAR-IT promotes retention and success of undergraduate students across disciplines. Students involved in our research will graduate equipped to strategically adapt and successfully respond to work and team challenges by leveraging everyday technologies and well-developed awareness of their own adaptive/maladaptive regulatory patterns. PAR-IT will produce critical evidence-based infrastructure for post-secondary institutions to promote three 21st century competencies in adaptive learning.


Dr. Allyson Hadwin (centre) with our collaborators Dr. Phil Winne (left) and Dr. Sanna Jarvela (right)

Aishah Bakhtiar Visited Oulu

From Sept 3 to Sept 15th 2017, PhD Candidate Aishah Bakhtiar visited Prof. Hanna Jarvenoja and her team at University of Oulu. This trip was funded by the European Association of Research in Learning and Instructions (EARLI) Mentoring Grant 2017. Aishah was one of six recipients of this award. During her visit, Aishah had the pleasure of presenting her research at a Teacher training conference in Rovaneimi, Lapland, and meeting the real Santa Claus above the Artic Circle. Of course, Oulu LET team shared many exciting new and ongoing projects, and it was great to meet many dedicated and talented researchers there!